Historical site in Gennadi Rhodes

Historical site in Gennadi Rhodes

Back in December 2014 I wrote about an archaeological dig taking place off the beach at Gennadi.  The land had been acquired by a Cypriot hotel developer and was earmarked for an All Inclusive  hotel.  During the early excavation it was found to be a site of historical interest and building work had been stopped whilst a ‘dig’ took place.

Today I was in the area again and took a couple of photographs of the site showing what has been revealed since my last visit there.  The site is ‘fenced off’ with orange tape but in places the ‘fence’ is down and it is quite easy to gain access to the site.  It is truly fascinating to go and walk around.

It appears to date from the Byzantium period (I’m not an expert!), between  330AD to 1453AD which was a period of  strength for the Roman Empire throughout the Mediterranean.

There are two distinct sites, one which seems to be a Villa and the other larger site which seems to have been store rooms, maybe for Olive oil, grains and wine etc. There are plenty of broken Quipu which seem to suggest that is was a store of some sort.  Maybe there was a landing for boats that came to this area to trade with the rest of Europe?

The site is within the view of the old castle of Asklipion so maybe it was a place where the Crusaders stored the produce for their journeys to and from Jerusalem?

If anyone has any more information on the site and the dig then I would love to hear from you.

I hope that this site can be preserved for future generations and the building of the hotel is not allowed.




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