Arnitha March 1st 2020

Arnitha March 1st 2020

A great start to March.  This weekend is Carnival weekend, (marking the start of Lent from tomorrow, known as Clean Monday here in Greece (ΚΑΘΑΡΑ ΔΕΥΤΕΡΑ)).

Not being one for  fancy dress (never since a child) I prefer to take to the hills.  Luckily I have some great friends with the same frame of mind.

Today we decided to look at the village of Arnitha.  Located South of Rhodes on the Gennadi/Appolakia road.  Turn off here is well signed.  We parked up just outside the village and decided to explore from there.  What a fantastic walk, thoroughly recommended.  The total walking was about 5.5km with stunning views. Walking on gravel roads or though fields, I would class this as an easy walk. We finished off our afternoon with a great lunch at Profilia at Listis.  There are no tavernas in the winter time in Arnitha.  Opening 1st April …..

The area we were walking in.

My walking friends

The Fontana Vodi beauty spot area

Views towards Appolakia bay area

Inland towards Skiathi monastry area

Appolakia beach area views

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